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My name is Matt. I am the author of this website and also of the novel Sometimes We're Always Real Same-Same
I write stories. I live with my wife and daughter in Unalakleet, AK. I ride a bike and eat fish. I try to enjoy life, and I try to help others enjoy life.



Same-Same Honors:

2010 Semi-Finalist for the VCU Cabell First Novelist Award

New West Best Books in the West, 2009

Booklist Best Adult Books for Young Adults, 2009

More Reviews:

"There's something unquestionably endearing about Go-boy." -Lipstik

“Recommended for adventurous readers and fans of small towns everywhere." -Library Journal


More reviews!

"Thoughtful ... [Roesch] delivers." -NY Times Book Review

"Roesch’s debut novel is a riveting story. ... Roesch sets up a complex network of village relationships ... it’s all very real and very compelling." -PopMatters

"This glimpse of life in a far off place, family, community, and starting over is written with a fresh and vibrant voice that is unforgettable." -Jackie Blem, Tattered Cover.

"Roesch ... writes with a spare elegance." -Seattle Times


Minneapolis Star Tribune review here. Excerpt:

"What makes this book good is its subtle rendering of village life as a web of relationships that sustain individual and community in a harsh environment. Yet because the characters are so well imagined, it does so without becoming a sociological diorama."


Lots to update.
First: the tour went great! Thanks to Unbridled and all the bookstores who supported the release.

Stuff about 'Same-Same':

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The New Forgiveness Conspiracy (inspired by Go-boy!)


Fairbanks Daily News-Miner review here. Excerpt:

"This is a tightly written, well thought out book....Roesch never sentimentalizes. His characters are memorable, his storyline rings true, and his underlying ideas are well worth pondering."


Virtual Tour:



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New West Review here. Excerpt:

"Roesch has a winner."


Booklist reviewed my novel. It's wonderful. The full review will appear in their September 15 issue. Excerpt:

"Refreshingly honest ... masterful... Roesch draws the reader closer and closer to his tightly knit characters and the community that binds them. A totally engaging first novel...and completely unique."


"A smashing debut by a writer who does not flinch from the misfortune and cruelty that rule certain lives but whose vision is full of beauty, wisdom, and grace." -Sigrid Nunez


Anchorage Press included a review of Sometimes We're Always Real Same-Same in their feature article. Check it here. Excerpt:

"In Sometimes We’re Always Real Same-Same, Mattox Roesch gives us a version of rural Alaska that we can smell, feel, hear and see. It’s fresh and rare treat in that it avoids clichés. (Mountains don’t “loom over” everything in this novel and Alaska Natives don’t “walk in two worlds” the characters live where they happen to live.)


Publishers Weekly gave Sometimes We're Always Real Same-Same a very good review. Check it out here.


Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Bulter had this to say about Sometimes We're Always Real Same-Same:

"Though Mattox Roesch’s enchanting narrator in his debut novel is seventeen, the book is far more than a teen-coming-of-age tale. The deep and universal desire for connectedness is explored here in stunningly original ways that speak to us all. Sometimes We’re Always Real Same-Same is an exciting debut by one of America’s finest young writers."


old news.

"The Maluksuk," a story about fish counting and guilt, will be published by The Sun Magazine this fall. It's a beautiful publication that is completely supported by subscriptions and sales (not ads), and I'm thrilled to join them in all they do to challenge, educate, and inspire our society.

Sometimes We're Always Real Same-Same
, my novel about Go-boy and Cesar and Kiana and bunch of other things (jail, spray-paint, heaven on earth), will be published by Unbridled Books this September!

The 2008 Pushcart Prize anthology gave my story "The Thing in Her Thumb" an honorable mention. That story orignially appeared in Redivider.

The short story "All the Way Rider" is available now in Narrative Magazine's Spring '08 issue! And it's free! Just visit their site.
A hardcopy edition is available here and it looks like this:

Two recent stories published. "Burn the House Down" and "The Thing in Her Thumb" appear in the latest issues of Indiana Review and Redivider. Single copies are available on their websites.

2007 Best American Nonrequired Reading showed up last week and the story "Humpies" is in there. The anthology looks great. Check it out at your local bookshop or any online bookseller, including Powells.com. For visual reference:

**And read what Minus Spine had to say about the story "Humpies." They're awfully nice.**


Sometimes We're Always
a novel
ISBN 978-1-932961-87-4
Unbridled Books
336 pages

"Refreshingly honest ... masterful... Roesch draws the reader closer and closer to his tightly knit characters and the community that binds them. A totally engaging first novel...and completely unique."